Wood Veneers Production

The Veneer manufacturing is a complex process where each operation is critical to the final result:

  • The log debarking
  • Sawing at the correct angle to achieve the optimum performance of the veneer log
  • Flitch planning to get a good grip and minimal waste
  • Steaming program of veneer logs to get a smooth cut and perfect color
  • The multiple angles of sharpening the blades are critical for a smooth cutting
  • The way to cut the veneer log determines the pattern obtained
  • Drying is critic to obtain a flat veneer and an optimum humidity
  • The clipping to obtain the final product.

wood veneers production white oak log

Veneer logs selection

The logs are selected, following strict quality criteriawhite oak veneer logs


The logs are procesed in factories very close to the forest in order to preserve the quality, color and freshness of the veneer.
wood veneer slicer