Laminate Flooring Vanitech and Balterio


VANITECH manufactures advanced technology flooring:

        • VANITECH LAMINATE FLOORING: High quality Laminate Flooring.
        • VANITECH WATER RESISTANT: Water and UV Resistant Wooden floors. Vinyl and PVC free. Special for wet zones. They can be combined with the same design in laminate floors.
        • VANITECH TECHNO DECKING: Exterior Technology Platforms with the latest technology of double extrusion.
        • VANITECH INTEGRITY: Doors and Floors with the same texture to create unique environments.


laminate flooring vanitech

laminate flooring balterio

Balterio are laminate floors on high density boards with the most innovative designs in the market. Textures and finishes: brushed, traditional, hand scraping, beveled, micro beveled, synchronized records and large formats. HDF board with excellent performance against moisture.

suelos laminados balterio dolce